Sponsor the Eruv

Sponsoring the eruv is a great way to share a special occasion with the whole community. To sponsor the eruv:

  1. Email Tzvi Friedman <tfriedman1@gmail.com> with the date of the shabbos you wish to sponsor and what you would like your sponsorship message to say.

  2. Make a sponsorship payment of $36 online or by check (see below for instructions).

  3. Eruv sponsorship is non-exclusive. The eruv welcomes as many sponsors as are interested in a given week. All messages will be shared on this website and on the eruv hotline.

You can pay for your sponsorship online via credit card or PayPal by clicking here:

If you would prefer to pay by check, make out your check to "Pittsburgh Va'ad Eruv Fund" and mail it to:

Pittsburgh Va'ad Eruv Fund

C/O Aleph Institute

5804 Beacon Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15217